00:21-00:25 Built model in Maya for projection and lighting usage.


    00:26-00:45 Exported model to Vue, 'eco-painted' trees and textured geometry. Set up lighting environment and rendered out layers for final paint in Photoshop.


    00:48-00:51 Set up Nuke scene with imported Maya geometry, added cards for steam effects and set up projection cameras.


    00:53-00:59 Animated ground support vehicles in Nuke using axis nodes and then attached projection cameras to axis node animation. This allowed the projection cameras to track with the animated geometry.


    01:00-01:04 Created various animated lighting effects: Setting up a duplicate Nuke projection scene, using matte painting layers, grey scaled maps were created in Photoshop, projected onto the geometry & rendered out. The pre-renders were then used as 'traveling mattes' with animated color correction nodes. The color correction nodes were animated by key framing mix values to provide the effects of blinking and flashing of lights. In addition stock welding effects were used by projecting them onto cards positioned in correct locations in 3D space and rendered out. The pre-renders where then composted in 2D using hold out mattes generated in Nuke as needed.


    01:04-01:08 Stock steam elements modified with grid warping and rendered out. The pre-rendered steam effects projected onto cards positioned in 3D space to match shot cameras' motion. Steam elements composited in 2D using hold out mattes created in Nuke.


    01:22-01:31 Fully modeled spacecraft created in Maya. Textures for model painted in Mudbox.


    01:32-01:40 Photoshop layers painted with reference photographed at 28,000 feet and supplemented with Vue renders.


    01:40-01:46 Nuke projection set up. 3D model animation used as pre-render and projected onto card as a 'in camera' composite approach.



    00:07- 00:21 UVed model and applied rock texture, exported to Vue for plant population, lighting. Rendered out layers for painting in Photoshop and projection in Nuke. Nuke projection setup provided my matte painting compositor and further modified by matte artist as needed.


    00:28-00:41 Volcanic ash cloud painted in Photoshop, layers and painting breakouts set up for animation in Nuke. Animation of ash cloud done with Nuke spline warp and animated alpha masks.


    00:44-01:01 Terrain and industrial buildings built in Maya which was provided to matte painting compositor for layered projection set up in Maya. Geometry was exported to Vue for texturing, plant population, lighting and rendering. Vue renders setup in Photoshop for final paint.


    01:03-01:26 Island geometry modified in Maya with additional gross topographical features and applied a base texture. Textured geometry exported to Vue for plant population and further texture development with the addition of rock displacement maps. Due to size and complexity, the island model had to be organized in sections and exported into multiple independent Vue scenes. Renders set up in Photoshop layers for final paint. Projections set up by matte painting compositor using a simplified or reduced rez model of island. Further modifications made my matte artist as needed. Sky was created by additional matte artist for use with island setup(s).


    01:54-02:02 Sky cyc painted in Photoshop and UV mapped onto dome geometry in Nuke.


    02:16-02:26 Ice cavern geometry 'lightened' by removing all faces not seen by shot camera. In Maya, matte painting compositor sets up a low rez version of geometry with projection camera and exports to Nuke. Matte artist exports geometry & projection camera into Vue for base texturing and lighting. Vue renders are set up into layers for final paint and then exported out for projection in Nuke. Matte artist adds further modifications to Nuke set as needed.


    02:28-02:32 Iceberg matte painting added to foreground lighted geometry. Nuke projection set up by matte painting compositor, matte artist does final paint and projects painting onto cards. Matte artist adds additional card geometry as needed in addition to other modifications (color corrections and roto masks) to Nuke scene as needed.


    02:35-02:56 Matte artist exports geometry from Maya to Vue for plant population and texturing. Matte painting compositor exports same geometry as reference and sets up corresponding cards based on location of geometry in Nuke. Matte artist renders from Vue, sets up layers in Photoshop for final paint. Photoshop layers are exported to Nuke for projection, matte artist makes further modifications to cards, warping their shapes and adjusting positions of cards & added additional projection cameras as needed in Nuke



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